One of the largest bankruptcy proceeding
in the CEE region.


The bankruptcy trustee has launched a unique investment opportunity – the sale of SLOVAKIA STEEL MILLS, a.s. v konkurze (SSM). SSM is a steel mini-mill located in Eastern Slovakia and equipped with technology supplied by German group SMS, one of the most renowned players in steel technology. The mini-mill was designed as a facility for the production of construction steel with a 2-stage process: steel-mill and rolling mill.

SSM started production in 2011; however, after three and a half years of operation it declared bankruptcy and all of its significant production equipment was professionally mothballed.

As a result, the process of the international public tender for the sale of the part of the business of SSM (Tender) is underway. The predominant parts of the proposed sale in the Tender include:

- key production equipment,
- buildings, and
- other operating assets necessary for the production process.

The conditions and the guidelines of the Tender are described in the Binding Conditions which define the key elements of the selling process, such as the conditions of the bidder’s participation, the bidding requirements as well as the timetable.

All of the documents necessary for participation in the Tender are available for downloading below.

620,000 tons per year of steel billets

480,000 tons per year of final products


Semi-finished products steel billets (130mm x 130mm x 12 m)
Final products reinforcing steel
(Ø 8 mm – Ø 36 mm)
Final products reinforcing bars
in coil
(Ø 8 mm – Ø 16 mm)
Final products rolled wire (Ø 5.5 mm – Ø 16 mm)
Final products threaded bars (Ø 14 mm – Ø 36 mm)

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Miroslav Duračinský
Bankruptcy Trustee
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All conditions and information related to the sale process are described in Binding conditions for the international public tender for the selection of applicants interested in the acquisition of Part of Enteprise of the Bankrupt Slovakia STEEL MILLS, a.s. v konkurze, which are available to download in the section above.